Happy Saturday!


Quality time with PBK. Thai food seemed appropriate seeing as the last time I had a night out with her we were in a Bangkok strip club. Hmm.


Dropped a bottle of milk in the elevator and it exploded on impact.

Hope no one in my building reads this.

That mess, it was me. And the cleaner won’t be in til Monday.

Sour milk for everyone this weekend!

You’re welcome 🙂



Ah, crap.

I have a new camera crush.

This never ends well for my bank account.

But seeing as it’s almost Christmas, I am giving you, my darling readers, the opportunity of a lifetime – To make an unemployed bum incredibly happy by buying her a Panasonic Lumix GF2, in white (I figured I should save you the stress and tell you what colour I desire ha-ha).

image courtesy of panasonic.com.au

Pretty please, with bacon on top?


Straight to my ass. So spoilt tonight.


It’s 11am and I just crawled into bed.
My own bed.
In a room full of my stuff.
Very cluttered stuff.
But my stuff nonetheless.
In a city that I love.
A city that has changed so much in three months… Apparently.
I’m too tired to have a look.
But I do need new flip flops
….And dental floss.
….And a puppy.


… and clearly to get my eyebrows reshaped haha.


Real eyes
Real lies.


Just got off a 5 hour video conference call with two of my favourite people in the world and thought the event needed it’s own post.

Quality over quantity, always.

Sending exuberant amounts of love to Manggis Dua and East London.


Box of Stones

Ok, so that Phnom Penh post is obviously taking a little longer than anticipated and unfortunately as the days wear on, so does the memory of my travels. Perhaps a quick flip through photos will jolt my memory, but I really don’t have the time (between all the sitting, eating, sleeping and bizarre conversations with a certain Ms. TooKewl *cough* I do) to go through them all now, or in the foreseeable future.

It should be noted that I’m only typing this because I am updating my phone to iOS5 and nobody warned me it would take so bloody long (perhaps the fault of my internet provider). A little part of me is dying inside because I’m so genuinely worried that I’ve done something wrong/my cable will magically get unplugged/power failure/tsunami/robbed by orang utan/etc will occur and I will lose everything on it. So to distract me from such a stressful time in my life, I have sought refuge here.

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Bangkok pt. 1

After seven plane rides, two bus rides and countless amounts of taxi’s and tuk-tuks I’m finally back in the bubble after a whirlwind two weeks of exploring a little piece of Asia with my girl Phoebe. Heavier (significantly), but also happier. I apologize in advance for the crappy quality of the photos, we thought we were gonna be roughing it – we did not (for obvious reasons). We only brought a little point and shoot along with us, in addition to the video camera and my trusty little iPhone. Click images to enlarge.

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