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After searching ALL OVER (not really) Melbourne, I finally found a dress to wear to a wedding I am attending next weekend. Not only does it fit the criteria (full gown, black tie affair) but it’s also SO BRIGHT. Giggles. I usually gravitate towards neutral colours, but I figured I should steer clear of anything that looked remotely bride-like. The colour in the picture isn’t quite the same as it is in real life, in actuality its a very vibrant turquoise and the sequins are less gold and more bronze.

Also, it has one of those sash-type things so really its like 5 dresses in one (little bargain hunting Chinese aunty in me is overjoyed – evidently you can take the girl out of Asia but can’t take the Asian out of the girl).

Shop assistant: You can wear the dress about 5 different ways! Strapless w/ bow, one shoulder, two straps, tied at the waist etc etc bla bla bla.
Me: *does the math* THAT’S LIKE LOTSA DRESSES FOR NOT SO MUCH MONIES! (obviously math isn’t my strong suit).
SA: The colour looks incredible on your skin! Not a lot of people can pull it off!
Me: *she’s stroking my ego in all the right ways*
SA: Gorgeous dress!
Me: *grins*

Easily conned victim of consumerism.

In retrospect, she was totally complimenting the dress, not me.

ANYWAYS, I will definitely have to spend some time playing around with it to figure out what way will best suit the occasion.

Best of all, the dress didn’t break the bank because, like I said above, 5 dresses in one! (this is just me trying to justify the purchase…)

More pictures on the actual wedding day!

Hello, December!


Bangkok pt. 1

After seven plane rides, two bus rides and countless amounts of taxi’s and tuk-tuks I’m finally back in the bubble after a whirlwind two weeks of exploring a little piece of Asia with my girl Phoebe. Heavier (significantly), but also happier. I apologize in advance for the crappy quality of the photos, we thought we were gonna be roughing it – we did not (for obvious reasons). We only brought a little point and shoot along with us, in addition to the video camera and my trusty little iPhone. Click images to enlarge.

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