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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy New Year to all my Chinese family & friends! I trust all of you are enjoying eating other peoples food, drinking their alcohol and taking their money.

My family has been sending me photos of the reunion dinner food for hours, it’s so cruel! I had leftovers from lunch for dinner tonight… lovely.

I predict a lot of babies will be born this year, it seems to be a trend with Chinese people, to have dragon babies. I’m not entirely sure why. Wouldn’t you much rather a dog or a rabbit? Or at least something that doesn’t breathe fire, have wings, scales AND claws?! To each their own, I suppose. However, having said that, one of my best friends is a dragon baby, as is my closest cousin… and my own father. And I love them all to Pluto and back.

Anyways, some Sunday music for you to enjoy 🙂


Thailand + Cambodia!

PBK, this is for you.

I suppose the rest of you can watch it too – however, it’s 20 minutes long and theres a lot of … uh well, scenery. We are, to be frank, shitty videographers. We have shaky hands, and we can’t aim either (there’s a lot of decapitated bodies) ha-ha.