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Christmas noms


So dinner was a success (thank god). We ate ourselves into food comas and spent a lot of the night stagnant on the couch mumbling about… I don’t even know (excessive amounts of food tends to mess with the way my brain functions… quite drastically, evidently).


Sneak peek!


Today I laughed and cried and ate and drank to my hearts content… And then some.

It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended, the bride was stunning as were all THREE of her designer gowns.

Its weird to think that once upon a time we were bratty kids holidaying across the globe in matching pirated Disney pajamas (our parents were incredibly cruel) and now shes this beautiful bride in her gorgeous wedding dress on such a magical day.. and uh, well I’m still a bratty kid and no one seems to want to wear pirated Disney PJS with me anymore. Weird.

There’s something special about watching a childhood family friend walk down the aisle, it’s like a little piece of genuine happiness. These people, they are family.

More pictures tomorrow. I am exhausted! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend 🙂 xo

Tweet, tweet.


Hello, December!




Extra protein? Never eating edamame blindly again *cries*



Evidently my subconscious mind is very influenced by the food I eat.

Cherry bomb


Sunday tea time. After a day of apartment hunting with Ed.

Happy Saturday!


Quality time with PBK. Thai food seemed appropriate seeing as the last time I had a night out with her we were in a Bangkok strip club. Hmm.

Bangkok pt. 1

After seven plane rides, two bus rides and countless amounts of taxi’s and tuk-tuks I’m finally back in the bubble after a whirlwind two weeks of exploring a little piece of Asia with my girl Phoebe. Heavier (significantly), but also happier. I apologize in advance for the crappy quality of the photos, we thought we were gonna be roughing it – we did not (for obvious reasons). We only brought a little point and shoot along with us, in addition to the video camera and my trusty little iPhone. Click images to enlarge.

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