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Gym date!


Following my fourth and hopefully not final installment of a certain Miri girl, vegetating at yet another coffee shop (best past time ever) yesterday, I spent TWO hours in the gym doing combat and attack classes with this nut… And today my body is paying for it.

Granted, I am still in bed but the odd little shuffles and stretches I’m doing to keep comfortable and the pain involved in that is a clear indication of what’s to come post-wake up… A day filled with pain and regret.

In other news, my folks are arriving tonight! I’m a clingy kid and they’re only here for the wedding so I’ll pretty much be glued to their hips for the entire trip.

*inserts fathers irritated face here*


Swan Lake




Went for a run today. I’m the crazy lady chasing your dogs.

Ps: PUG IN THE GRASS hehehe.