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Arrival hall


Thailand + Cambodia!

PBK, this is for you.

I suppose the rest of you can watch it too – however, it’s 20 minutes long and theres a lot of … uh well, scenery. We are, to be frank, shitty videographers. We have shaky hands, and we can’t aim either (there’s a lot of decapitated bodies) ha-ha.


Bangkok pt. 1

After seven plane rides, two bus rides and countless amounts of taxi’s and tuk-tuks I’m finally back in the bubble after a whirlwind two weeks of exploring a little piece of Asia with my girl Phoebe. Heavier (significantly), but also happier. I apologize in advance for the crappy quality of the photos, we thought we were gonna be roughing it – we did not (for obvious reasons). We only brought a little point and shoot along with us, in addition to the video camera and my trusty little iPhone. Click images to enlarge.

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