I be pimpin’.

My face has been breaking out lately and it’s really, really disgusting. I wish I was exaggerating when I say this but by the end of a long day it looks like I’ve splashed about in a pool of olive oil. I haven’t had pimple problems since I was thirteen, you know, back when it was acceptable to have pizza toppings strewn across your face (starting a new job obviously doesn’t agree with me – perhaps I am destined to be a professional couch warmer, I’m VERY good at it and my face will remain spot-free!)

Now that I’ve started working 9-5 most days, I’m really beginning to appreciate my weekends. Honestly, all I want to do is curl up infront of the TV and vegetate for hours at a time – not that I don’t already, but I suddenly feel more deserving of it.

I wish I could convey my genuine excitement for being able to sleep in tomorrow through words (I didn’t get to today because I had a golf lesson, though we really shouldn’t go there unless you want your screen to be decorated with disturbing profanities – it actually got the point I started swearing at my father… who lives in Borneo… via SMS… yeah, that bad), but I ain’t no wizard and the use exclamation marks takes away from the relaxing connotations I wish to emanate from this post (yez, I’m totally aware of how ridiculous I sound).

It’s 11:45 on a Saturday night and I’m falling asleep.

Goodnight, world.

Love, peace and forehead grease.

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