The Little Things

Today I had to write an email to man named Assman… Then I watched a pig cross the road.

I had an awesome day.

That is all.






Arrival hall



– a strong desire for, or impulse to, wander or travel and explore the world.

a man consumed by wanderlust.

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia. 2011.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy New Year to all my Chinese family & friends! I trust all of you are enjoying eating other peoples food, drinking their alcohol and taking their money.

My family has been sending me photos of the reunion dinner food for hours, it’s so cruel! I had leftovers from lunch for dinner tonight… lovely.

I predict a lot of babies will be born this year, it seems to be a trend with Chinese people, to have dragon babies. I’m not entirely sure why. Wouldn’t you much rather a dog or a rabbit? Or at least something that doesn’t breathe fire, have wings, scales AND claws?! To each their own, I suppose. However, having said that, one of my best friends is a dragon baby, as is my closest cousin… and my own father. And I love them all to Pluto and back.

Anyways, some Sunday music for you to enjoy 🙂


Trink, trank, trunk.

Got a text from one of my oldest, dearest friends (who left me here to rot over the summer – may have to rethink the ‘dearest’ part of that sentence) yesterday saying – “Jet skiing at the yacht club today with everyone today, wish you were here.” … well screw you dear boy, screw you.

Here is a photo of a tree… because I can’t offer you a picture of a bunch of beautiful people jet-skiing. Me? Bitter? … never.


Hope you have a lovely week, readers! May some kind stranger put a smile on your face today 🙂


I be pimpin’.

My face has been breaking out lately and it’s really, really disgusting. I wish I was exaggerating when I say this but by the end of a long day it looks like I’ve splashed about in a pool of olive oil. I haven’t had pimple problems since I was thirteen, you know, back when it was acceptable to have pizza toppings strewn across your face (starting a new job obviously doesn’t agree with me – perhaps I am destined to be a professional couch warmer, I’m VERY good at it and my face will remain spot-free!)

Now that I’ve started working 9-5 most days, I’m really beginning to appreciate my weekends. Honestly, all I want to do is curl up infront of the TV and vegetate for hours at a time – not that I don’t already, but I suddenly feel more deserving of it.

I wish I could convey my genuine excitement for being able to sleep in tomorrow through words (I didn’t get to today because I had a golf lesson, though we really shouldn’t go there unless you want your screen to be decorated with disturbing profanities – it actually got the point I started swearing at my father… who lives in Borneo… via SMS… yeah, that bad), but I ain’t no wizard and the use exclamation marks takes away from the relaxing connotations I wish to emanate from this post (yez, I’m totally aware of how ridiculous I sound).

It’s 11:45 on a Saturday night and I’m falling asleep.

Goodnight, world.

Love, peace and forehead grease.

Neon Stickies